About Us


Welcome to Wild&Seek!

Tired of the same ol’ portraits and family photos? Everyone wearing matching clothes, holding props, and rockin’ forced smiles? Boy howdy... us too. Glamor shots are so meta. Well, how about something different? For example: you, suspended in sparkling blue water... standing tall beneath a waterfall... soaked in sunset hues on a tropical beach... or cloaked in the vibrant green shade of your favorite trail? Wouldn't it be awesome if you had a photographer who shared your love of adventure and mystery, AND knew all the best spots? Look no further!

Wild&Seek is a Florida-based Photography Team… though we have been known to travel on demand;) We bring a collective twenty years of outdoor location photographic experience to our clients, top of the line equipment and software, and of course— a fierce love of the outdoors! 

Now Booking Winter and Spring dates! Email or call for details.